Bill Brumbaugh

John Hine Temecula Mazda Subaru

    We approached Enterprise IT Solutions 10 years ago when we were in the process of building our Mazda Dealership. We needed a completely state of the art integrated network that would serve us then and into the future. After meeting with them and discussing the project we knew we had the right team that could deliver. They took the project from cabling all the way through computer, network and infrastructure security. Still today after 10 years Enterprise IT Solutions remains our only provider for all our IT needs. Thanks guys!

    Pam Doty

    Savage BMW

      I have never worked with a more professional, experienced IT company. Enterprise IT Solutions understands the automotive industry and handles everything we need.

      Mark Richardson

      VP, Richardson’s RV Centers

        Thanks so much for fixing my issues so quickly, I would just like to say that your company has provided such amazing customer service/ support to date it has really blown me away (it is very rare in business today

        Joe Knotts

        IT Admin, C&L Refrigeration

          ADS Networks has supported our IT infrastructure for over 15 years. When ADS first connected us to technology with our first server, to our current complex multi-server environment, our needs changed and ADS has adapted to those needs. When C&L Refrigeration hired an IT staff ADS went from being the primary support to a higher tier support in which we fall back on for any excess technological needs and answers to complex issues. Every time our IT staff ran into one of these complex issues that effected up time, ADS has picked up the phone and provided a path to get us back up and running. For this is the reason we recommend ADS as a solid IT solution provider.”